S1 Retro Lifer E-HELMET – White Gloss

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S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet White Gloss


For Use:

The S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet White Gloss is designed, constructed and safety certified to be worn while riding your E-Bike, E-Scooter, E-Skateboard, skateboard, scooter, bicycle or roller skates.


  • Specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam,
  • NTA 8776 Certified for E-Bikes and E-Transport up to 28 MPH,
  • Certified Multi-Impact (ASTM),
  • Certified High Impact (CPSC),
  • Deep Fit Design,
  • In Mold Mounting Hardware Installed so a visor can be mounted.


We describe the S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet White Gloss as a certified helmet to the new NTA 8776 standard. Therefore the S1 Retro lifer E-Helmet is rated for speeds up to 28 mph.  It is a totally new style of helmet which looks and feels like a skate/bike helmet and fits the same as other Lifer Helmets but is much lighter than a DOT/motorcycle helmet. This helmet is properly rated to protect you at E-Speeds up to 28 mph. We made sure the E-Helmet can also be worn as a bike helmetroller skate helmetbmx helmet, skateboard helmet, roller derby helmet, or scoot helmet since it is ASTM certified and CPSC certified.



“We take safety seriously at S1″ says Dan McCashin, Co-founder of S1 Helmet Co., “The S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet is a safe and comfortable helmet that we can 100% recommend to family, friends and team riders.”

The S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet is certified to the new E-Bike Standard NTA 8776 as well as ASTM and CPSC Certified according to US helmet safety standards. It is also certified to the Australian and EU helmet safety standards. The S1 Lifer is constructed with Fusion Foam which helps absorb and disburse impact force away from the head. Fusion foam is soft enough to protect against multiple low force impacts and dense enough to protect against single high impacts. The S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet has a thicker Fusion Foam layer in order to pass the NTA 8776 certification and helps disperse and dissipate impact energy for speeds up to 28 mph. We, S1 Helmet Co., are particularly known for pioneering helmet safety standards.

We are the first company in the skate industry to educate skateboarders specifically about the added safety of certified helmets and the dangers of wearing non-certified helmets.

Lightweight + Great Fit + NTA 8776 Certified for E-Bike and CPSC Certified for Skate & Bike = S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet

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Additional information

Size For Adults

X-Small (20.5") X-Small's Also Come With Small and Medium Sizing Pads, Small (21") Small's Also Come With X-Small and Medium Sizing Pads, Medium ( 21.5") Medium's Also Come With Small and Large Sizing Pads, Large (22") Large's Also Come With Medium and XL Sizing Pads, X-Large (22.5") XL's Also Come With Large and XXL Sizing Pads, XX-Large (23") XXL's Also Come With X-Large and XXXL Sizing Pads, XXX-Large (23.5") XXXL's Also Come With XL and XXL Sizing Pads

Visor option

Clear, Iridium, None, Tint (WFTDA approved)

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