Génial !

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet – Eddie Elguera 
Posted By: Gabe V Very slick looking in person, pleased with style and fit right out of the box! Construction seems solid.

Ça a l'air cool, c'est génial, et ça a déjà sauvé ma tête.

Product: Retro Lifer – Helmet Black Matte
Posted By: Matt I really didn’t want a helmet. But after some close calls and seeing others with permanent brain damage from slams, I knew it was time. I got the Pro-Tec full cut and the Retro Lifer, and hands down the Retro Lifer was the better choice. The range of padding gives a perfect fit and this thing looks way better in real life. Really! It looks cool, it’s more interesting than the rolled beanies everyone wears, and it sets a good example for the kids I skate around. I also feel way more comfortable going for bigger tricks and slamming. I’ve already hit my head and laughed it off. Couldn’t be more stoked; don’t hesitate on this one.